5 Grocery Trends on the Rise for Summer 2019

bright beautiful food display

Canadian food trends for last summer included fried chicken, meal kits, mushrooms and super lattes. Here are some of the major hits so far this year:

Plant-Based Cuisine

With environmental concerns rising, sustainable diets are at an all-time high. The 2019 Food Guide simply reinforced a trend already rising, pushing vegetables from the sidelines into the main course. This isn’t going away anytime soon.

Instagrammable Foods

Foods that taste good and look cool are on the rise. From colour-changing cocktails to foods that “un-box” well, consumers are sharing more than ever, and if it’s interesting and fun, people are buying. 


More and more consumers are interested in where their food is coming from and what that journey looks like. The demand for transparency is at an all-time high as people born between 1990 and 2004 are growing more and more eco-conscious 

Food Delivery

Three years ago Uber Eats had zero clients and right now 76 million people use the app at least once a month. With less time and more demands to get ahead of rising living costs, people are spending far more time at their desks or working on side projects outside of their regular nine to five job, and less time cooking or shopping for food.

Labour Saving Innovation

90% of restaurant operating costs are associated with labour. Consequentially, innovators are looking for ways to reduce the need for bodies with cooking technology. But it doesn’t stop there. Individuals and families are also excited about new, easy-to-use devices such as the Instant Pot.