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Supplying Grocery Products to Ontario Businesses

We are a One-Stop Distributor and Supply Chain Partner

Specializing in supplying grocery products for Independent Grocers, Restaurant Owners, Small Business Operators and so much more.

Grocery Products

Wide range of non-perishable foods.

Canned Food Products

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Offering a wide selection of convenient and long-lasting canned food products. From savoury soups and vegetables to delicious fruits and meats, our canned goods are perfect for quick meals, emergency preparedness, and adding flavour to your recipes.

Dried Food Products

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We deliver dried goods such as bulk raisins to a cereal manufacturer or distribute various dried herbs and spices to a grocery store chain.

Packaged Food Products

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We stock an array of packaged food products designed to meet your on-the-go lifestyle. From energy bars and snack packs to ready-to-eat meals, these convenient items are ideal for busy individuals, travelers, and anyone looking for tasty and easy-to-prepare options.

Herbs and Spices

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We offer a wide range of seasonings and flavorings. We help provide a restaurant, grocery store, or chain with bulk quantities of ground cinnamon, dried basil, paprika etc. for their culinary needs.

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