Back-to-School Food Trends

woman putting food in lunchbox

With schools across the country reopening, a lot of measures are being put in place this “back to school” year. Children’s health has always been a concern, but now more than ever parents are prioritizing their health and safety — and that includes the foods children are putting in their bodies. Here are some of the types of foods you can expect in their lunch boxes this fall.

Mini Bars & Snack Bars

Bars can provide quick and convenient nourishment and can be healthier than food from vending machines, concession stands, and even fast food. Bars that are free from nuts, dairy and artificial flavours and colours often serve as a popular school option due to allergies and the sensitivities of other children. Some great options include Kellogg’s and General Mills products.

Protein High Foods

Parents are really focused on protein, or rather the lack of protein, their children consume. Foods with a significant amount of protein can include seeds, fish, yogurt, chicken, jams, smoothies, nut-based spreads and much more. The foods are lunch kit friendly and are filling as well as healthy. Smucker’s is a popular spread and  Liberté is a great option for healthy, organic yogurt.

Beverages & Yogurts

A lunch kit is not complete without a tasty beverage. Juice boxes, coconut water and smoothies have been popular for the last few years, but yogurt drinks are on the rise.  Brands like Oasis and Yoplait are great options for parents looking for a healthy addition to their child’s lunch.


The term “superfood” is popping up in more and more conversations around food and health. The word generally refers to foods that are rich in nutrients and are considered to be extremely good for our health and well-being. Foods such as salmon, blueberries, chia seeds, nuts, and kale are some of the most common superfoods. Superfoods are full of necessary components that are great for development, making them a popular option for parents. Clover Leaf’s new snack products have great salmon and tuna lunch kits.


COVID-19 has shifted consumers’ attention toward their health more than ever and that won’t be going away any time soon.