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The Dynamic Food Service Industry

The Dynamic Food Service Industry The food service industry in Canada is a thriving and dynamic one that is constantly evolving to meet the changing demands and expectations of consumers. In recent years, there have been several significant trends and changes in the Canadian food service industry, which are worth exploring. Healthy and Sustainable Options:…

Grocery shopper choosing nuts for healthy snacking

Snacking Trends Among Canadians

As the Big Football Game is fast approaching, consumers are starting to stock up with their favourite snacks. Below are some interesting facts and snacking trends that will help grocery retailers make their snack category stand-out. Snacking is a big part of Canadian culture, with an increasing number of consumers choosing to snack throughout the…

Shifting Customer Trends – Making The Most of Change

Shifting Customer Trends – Making The Most of Change

With the ever-changing landscape of working and living styles, Grocery channels are feeling the impact of new customer expectations, going beyond product availability and e-commerce. Understanding these consumer behaviours and trending habits can help retailers decipher how to adapt their businesses’ strategies in order to  get customers what they’re after. Money conscious behaviours, mindful purchasing…