Canada’s Formula Shortage Update

At the moment, Canada’s formula shortage is affecting parents across the nation.

Following the recall of certain powdered Similac products that were allegedly responsible for the bacterial infection that led to the death of two newborns, Abbott Laboratories closed down its factory in Michigan that produced infant formula in February. The plant was reopened earlier in June but closed down for about two weeks due to damage after intense thunderstorms on June 13 as the company claimed it needs time to analyze damage and re-sanitize the factory.

Who’s impacted?

Only hydrolyzed formulas and amino acid-based formulas are impacted by the present shortage in Canada. These formulas are designed especially for infants at risk for life-threatening allergic anaphylactic responses.

For parents and caregivers of newborns with specific medical issues and dietary allergies, Health Canada has revised its formula shortage notice and stated that new shipments are anticipated to arrive next week. However, the organization issued a warning that supplies would probably remain scarce throughout the summer. Buyers are concerned that prices will continue to rise

“While shipments of specialized formulas are arriving in Canada to alleviate the effects of the shortage and will be available through pharmacies nationwide starting the first week of July, supply of these specialized products will continue to be limited throughout the summer,” the advisory said.

What are your options?

Health Canada also recommends consulting a medical expert to go over your baby’s specific needs and potential substitutes. Do not make your own formula or use another type of milk substitute. If you are breastfeeding and bottle-feeding at the same time, if you can, maintain your supply, and ask your doctor for recommendations on an allergen-free diet if necessary.

“If your baby does not need specialized infant formula, please don’t buy it,” it says. “Keep specialized infant formulas for babies with allergies and medical conditions.”

For more information on Canada’s formula shortage and updates, click here.

CJR Wholesale Grocers and DairyCentral distributors analyse the formula milk shortage in Canadian market

Mother feeds baby with formula

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