CJR welcomes Ontario’s Minister of Labour and Mississauga-Malton MPP


Hon. Monte McNaughton, Deepak Anand MPP, Rick Rabba, Inder Chohan and Rima Rabba at CJR Wholesale Grocers distribution warehouse

Minister of Labour, Trade and Skills Development, Monte McNaughton (middle left), and MPP Deepak Anand (middle right) joined president Rick Rabba (left), marketing director Rima Rabba (right) and CEO Inder Chohan (left), Wednesday, September 8, at CJR Wholesale Grocers and Dairy Central in Mississauga, Ontario, to visit the growing company and meet with its employees. The visit is part of a provincial tour to maintain close dialogue with Ontario’s workers and labour force as all parties work together to support a recovery from the protracted pandemic period.

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