Eating Right and Early

Breakfast is back in style, and with it, innovative creations made for mornings.

As predicted, the first meal of the day is once again becoming the most cherished. With people still working from home, many by choice at this point, a lot of folks are finding they have more time to cook with less time commuting, and are taking advantage of this opportunity to nourish themselves. This creates a whole new environment for innovative products for those who are taking part in the breakfast boom.

More time to prepare breakfast is also ramping up consumer interest in new flavours and creative preparation techniques. Marty Weintraub, partner, national retail leader at Deloitte Canada, says “When you’re at home more, there’s more time to cook at a higher quality level.” He goes on to say “We’re seeing this rise of the epicurean home chef. The idea that ‘I can do better than I’ve done before, because now I have the time.’”

Shelley Balanko, senior vice-president of The Hartman Group says “keeping it interesting and eating in a more global way allows consumers to feel a sense of adventure, especially in the last year, when we haven’t been able to travel and explore and have those experiences.” She also notes that consumer’s interest in novelty in their foods is a motivation behind many current trends in the breakfast department. 

Apparently, breakfast boards and platters are one way customers have become more creative with morning meals. Sarah Caron, director of marketing and nutrition for Egg Farmers of Canada says “they’re really popular among both millennials and gen Z. It’s basically a collection of various foods—proteins, pastries, fruits and veggies—all displayed on this beautiful large serving board.” She believes prepackaged breakfast boxes can be another way for grocers to tap into the breakfast board trend, adding “grocers can jump on that trend by creating their own.”

Shoppers hoping to eat healthier also continues to be a key factor in consumer breakfast choices. “Morning occasions tend to be our most health-oriented occasion. We tend to start the day off with the intention to eat healthy,” says Balanko. Egg Farmers’ Caron notes that health is a major reason why many consumers choose eggs in the morning. “Canadians know that eggs are an affordable source of protein and really part of an overall nutritious diet,” she explains.

Experts at Wholefoods forecasted breakfast making a comeback earlier in the year, saying “there’s a whole new lineup of innovative products tailored to people paying more attention to what they eat in the morning.” From big brunches to healthy breakfast boards, mornings are taking back their rightful spot as the most important meal of the day, giving food retailers and advertisers alike a chance to really tap into this market. 



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