How to Keep Shoppers in Stores

In today’s digital age, technology is permeating the grocery shopping experience and the proliferation of online meal kits is having a heavy impact on grocery stores. But the war isn’t over yet. Traditional grocery stores and food retailers cannot give up their turf as new players enter an already competitive market. In order to get more foot traffic through their door’s grocery stores must continue to retool their in-store experience.

Focus on In-Store Experiences
Grocery shopping is all about the experience. Consumers are craving a unique experience and don’t want their food shop to feel like a chore. Give customers the experience of eating scrumptious snacks whilst picking up groceries. The idea of giving away products for free can feel a little daunting but samples can help generate a lot of sales over time. Free samples encourage and inspire loyalty with existing customers and also help foster new relationships. Physical stores have the advantage and opportunity to create a delicious environment full of enticements.

It’s All About the Layout
Convenience rules for the modern shopper. Consumers nationwide are eager for a streamlined experience and grocery stores can give it to them. Adding sections at the front of the store for grab-and-go items can help get back lost business as consumers revel at the sight of convenience. Store geography significantly influences spending habits and having an overwhelming layout can deter consumers. Cater to a broader range of customer preferences and make it easier for them to find what they want.

Be an Expert
Provide an in-store service that online merchants can’t match. There’s nothing more compelling than speaking to grocery employees who know their stuff. Consumers are becoming extremely conscious of what they put in their bodies and want to feel reassured that their local grocers are experts in food. Yes, online reviews and live-chats can provide foodies with information but nothing tops interacting with knowledgeable grocery store associates who genuinely want to help. Grocery stores that showcase their superior expertise stand a better chance of seeing both repeat and new customers because their shoppers need them.

The Main Takeaway
The food world is undergoing a makeover and grocery trends are moving quicker than burger patties and hot dogs on a long weekend, but if there’s one constant, it’s that consumers still prefer to visit physical stores.



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