Snacking Trends Among Canadians

As the Big Football Game is fast approaching, consumers are starting to stock up with their favourite snacks. Below are some interesting facts and snacking trends that will help grocery retailers make their snack category stand-out.

Snacking is a big part of Canadian culture, with an increasing number of consumers choosing to snack throughout the day instead of traditional meal times. This trend is driven by a number of factors, including busy lifestyles, increased focus on health and wellness, and the availability of a wide variety of convenient and delicious snack options.

One trend that has been gaining popularity is the movement towards healthier snacks. This includes non-GMO, Organic, Keto or Gluten-Free goodies. Having these options in easy to grab-and-go formats is key to make the most of this growing trend. This shift is driven by the fact that consumers are becoming more self-aware, informed in the fact that a balanced diet is critical in maintaining one’s own mental and physical health and well being. In todays current landscape, retailers offering better-for-you snacks keeps customers satisfied.

Another snacking trend worth blogging about is the rise of plant-based options. Many Canadians are choosing to nibble on fruits, vegetables, and whole grains throughout the day rather than consuming highly processed or high-calorie foods. With more and more Canadians choosing to reduce their consumption of animal products, there is a corresponding increase in demand for protein packed, plant-based snacks, such as nuts, seeds and dried fruit retailers will reap the benefits of making these options readily available to their consumers.

Last but definitely not least consumers are looking to expand their palate profiles and seek out snacks with more unique and ethnic flavors. Global taste elements such as sweet, bitter, sour, salty, umami (meaty), cool and hot are becoming increasingly popular. Showcasing a delicate balance of these world favorites is a sure way to keep your customers coming for more.

In conclusion, snacking trends are constantly evolving, with more and more consumers choosing healthier, plant-based, and world flavour options. As a result, retailers who acknowledge these growing industry trends and capitalize on the opportunity will stay ahead of their competitors, no matter the game.

Grocery shopper choosing nuts for healthy snacking

Adding healthy snacks to the grocery shopping

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