At CJR Wholesale Grocers, we’re deeply committed to sustainable practices and embraces innovative technologies that improve efficiency and reduce our environmental impact. By integrating eco-friendly solutions into our operations, we contribute to a greener and more sustainable supply chain.


Committed to Sustainable Solutions for a Greener Tomorrow

We are dedicated to continuously pursuing new and innovative environmentally friendly practices for a more sustainable approach to supply chain management.

2023 Solar Panel Warehouse Retrofitting

In 2023 we fitted our warehouse with solar panels to take CJR Wholesale completely off-grid use. Our solar panels not only power our entire warehouse, but they also give back to the grid, with a total energy savings of 1.5 M kWh of electricity saved annually through the power of the sun.

Fully Electric Warehouse Operations

Our in-warehouse operations and machines are fully electric. We do not use gas-powered forklifts, and utilize our solar power for every outlet and everything we do on our site.

Temperature Controlled Trucks and Increased Fleet Energy Efficiency

Our fleet of temperature-controlled trucks have a greater energy efficiency than set-temperature trucks. Being able to customize temperature depending on product need means we waste less energy than non-custom fleets. We also optimize our fleet vehicles for carrying full loads on our routes to reduce gas usage, have less energy loss, and reduce our impact on the environment.

Paperless Order Management System

Our order management system was created and managed all in-house and is completely paperless. This means that our high-tech information technology is not only customizable and flexible for manufacturers to work with us, but it is also better for the environment! Creating the best-case scenario for both our customers and our planet.

Solar projects at the distribution center will potentially result in 65% electricity reduction and 992 MT CO2 offset equivalent to removing an additional


Passenger Vehicles

Energy retrofits performed at the distribution centre resulted in a 4% electricity reduction, a 5% reduction in natural gas and

885 MT

CO2 Offset

How We’re Making An Impact

kWh of electricity saved annually through solar energy

Solar panels installed

Tones of C0² saved every 20 years

Trees being planted as an equivalent

Pounds of groceries delivered C0² free annually

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