The Beyond Meat Craze & the Future of Food

beyond meat packaging


Beyond Meat is on everyone’s lips these days, and we don’t just mean literally. Since last year when they signed a deal with burger chain A&W, Beyond Meat has exploded in the Canadian Market. Initially, A&W was flooded with such high demands from their product, nearly every location sold out within 24 hours. Most recently, Tim Horton’s partnered with the plant-based product to roll out three new sandwiches using the product. 


While Beyond Meat initially focused on getting their product into 27,000+ restaurants globally, they’ve turned their attention to B2C. Major grocery chains like Loblaws, Whole Foods, Metro and Sobeys now carry the plant-based patty and continues to find themselves sold-out.


But Beyond Meat isn’t the only company tapping into the “plant-based” craze. Using the term plant-based has opened up the market from consumers who aren’t “vegetarian” but are exploring the “plant-based” meat options. Plant-based seems to invoke less commitment from consumers while achieving the same result.  Market research estimates that the market for meat alternative has doubled in the last 5 years.


With plant-based alternatives popping up everywhere and a global shift towards ethical, environmental responsibility, it looks like “plant-based” is here to stay.