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Hon. Monte McNaughton, Deepak Anand MPP, Rick Rabba, Inder Chohan and Rima Rabba at CJR Wholesale Grocers distribution warehouse

2023 – DCI’s Partner Of The Year Award

DCI’s Partner Of The Year Award:

This award is given to a DCI Supplier Partner who has been monumental within the food retail industry. Known for their outstanding business relationships including ease in which they conduct business and availability, or their experience as a leader and advisor, this award exemplifies the outstanding work as a preferred DCI business Supplier Partner within the industry.

This prestigious award not only celebrates the recipient’s accomplishments but also strengthens the bond between DCI and its partners, fostering continued growth, innovation, and success in the dynamic dairy market.

2021 – DCI’s Partner Of The Year Award

DCI’s Partner Of The Year Award:

This Partner of the Year Award serves as a testament to the recipient’s ability to go above and beyond in delivering exceptional products, services, or solutions that enhance DCI’s value proposition and positively impact the dairy supply chain. The award acknowledges the partner’s dedication to excellence, customer satisfaction, and their role in fostering a strong and mutually beneficial business relationship with DCI.

2019 – Ice Cream Distributor Of The Year

Ice Cream Distributor Of The Year Award:

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