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Do Meal-Kits Still Fit The Bill?

The COVID Effect Meal-kits gained popularity quite early in the pandemic when lockdowns swept populations and kept people stuck at home—multiplying the number of potential customers. Many people turned to meal-kit delivery service in search of new meal ideas, or to...

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Produce Prices Rise: Saving and Spending

Almost a third of consumers in Ontario are skimping on the produce since inflation took a deep dive into the average Ontarian’s pockets. Numerator’s latest data suggests roughly 75% of shoppers noticed the steep price hike for fruits, and 78% for vegetables,...

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Ontario’s COVID-19 Rapid Test Expansion

The province’s COVID-19 rapid antigen test program that was supposed to carry on for eight weeks, originally set to wrap up in April, will be continuing to offer free rapid test kits until the end of July, a government official has confirmed. “These tests will provide...

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Inflation Raising Grocery Bills

Food inflation in Canada is at 6.5 percent, the highest year-over-year increase in grocery expenditures in more than a decade, thanks to increasing supply costs, shipping fees, and wages. "We're starting to see commodity price increases ripple through to the grocery...

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Grocery Trends to look for in 2022

Consumers are continuing the search for meals that are prepared ethically, have high nutritional value and can be delivered in an eco-friendly fashion, but preferably in less than an hour or it’s free. These five trends are all on-brand for 2022: Vegetarian, But Make...

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Minimum Wage to Increase in New Year

The Ontario government, by way of Premier Ford, announced they plan on raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour come the new year. This change will include servers and other occupations who make regular tips that are traditionally paid in a separate category.  “Liquor...

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Eating Right and Early

Breakfast is back in style, and with it, innovative creations made for mornings. As predicted, the first meal of the day is once again becoming the most cherished. With people still working from home, many by choice at this point, a lot of folks are finding they have...

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