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Insights on how inflation has impacted the grocery industry and how grocery business is coping up with it

Inflation Raising Grocery Bills

Food inflation in Canada is at 6.5 percent, the highest year-over-year increase in grocery expenditures in more than a decade, thanks to increasing supply costs, shipping fees, and wages. “We’re starting to see commodity price increases ripple through to the grocery store,” said Stuart Smyth, associate professor and research chair in Agri-Food Innovation at the…

Analysis on innovation creation by grocers and food service industry for health and wellness packed mornings

Eating Right and Early

Breakfast is back in style, and with it, innovative creations made for mornings. As predicted, the first meal of the day is once again becoming the most cherished. With people still working from home, many by choice at this point, a lot of folks are finding they have more time to cook with less time…

CJR Wholesale Grocers, Ontario-based wholesale grocery distributor recognized by Distribution Canada

CJR Wholesale Grocers receives prestigious Partner of the Year award

Mississauga, Ont., July 13, 2021 – CJR Wholesale Grocers, a prominent, Ontario-based wholesale grocery distributor, was recognized as Partner of the Year at Distribution Canada’s 40th Anniversary Star Awards Gala held virtually on Wednesday, June 23. Employees at CJR Wholesale Grocers celebrate the company’s recognition as Partner of the Year at the 2021 Star Awards,…